My style

Art with Your Dog

I have graduated from the Graphical Art faculty of the Russian Academy of fine Arts in Saint-Petersburg, and I’ve worked all my life as a dog trainer, and have won a number of international competitions as a handler.

Thanks to the combination of both disciplines, I have specialized in animalistic art, where my goal is not limited to merely reproducing a photo, but rather goes further to capture the expressions, the movement, the anatomic details and the personality of any given dog.

For this reason, when I say “Art with your dog”, my manner of working is not based just on receiving a photo from a client and producing an exact reproduction on the canvas. Instead, my intention is to get to know the animal (whenever that is feasible) and to catch personal impression that it gives off, and also to talk with the owner so that they can tell me about their feelings, their vision and their own unique understanding of their pet.

Techniques that I use include oil, tempera, pastel, watercolours, and a variety of graphic techniques. Feel free to check out the pages of this website dedicated to each of these techniques to find out which one is right for you and your dog!