About me


My name is Mariia Birg, I am from Saint-petersburg, Russia, currently residing in Barcelona. I have graduated the Russian Academy of Fine Arts in Saint-Petersburg, a university famous for its classical and realist traditions.

Since I was 11, I have dedicated to dog training, and I have participated in numerous dog shows, starting with my own dog and then moving on to exhibit the dogs of my clients. Some of those events were World Dog Shows, where we managed to achieve some great successes. Moreover, in the recent years I have been engaged with obedience training.

Since I started participating in dog competitions, I’ve had to interact with dogs of different breeds. That’s when I started to appreciate the beauty of each and every one of them, and studying the peculiarities of anatomy, constructions, movements…

In parallel, I have started to draw and paint my own dogs, as well as the dogs with whom I was working. I’ve participated in numerous art expositions, including those specifically dedicated to animalistic art.